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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My challenge for a Simple ...Easy tutorial!!

Hello gorgeous ladies!!   ....  Some of you on my Facebook Page and blog have asked me if I could make tutorials on some of the looks I've created.  It's very humbling and flattering!

I am a pretty shy person and this has now become a little challenge for me to push myself out of my comfort zone : )

I gave it another go and made this quick tutorial,  I know it's a bit rushed, but I'm  still learning and it's a task to accomplish a whole look in such a short time! 

Enjoy and as always your feedback is appreciated and valued !!


XOXO  Stay Glamorous! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

❀∙•・Classy Pinup ∙•・❀

I don't know what I love more... a classy Pinup look.... or the entire 1940s glamour era?! Good thing I don't have to choose and I can gain inspiration from both :) If you're like me- you've wanted to try this look at least once! And I'm so glad I finally did!

When I think of pin-up, I immediately am drawn to the perfectly-lined eyes and ruby red lips! This vintage look really inspired me to think out of the box-of how a simple eye (when done carefully) can make such a statement!
I love being able to experience the versatility of makeup! No look is ever out-of-the-question, if you  have some fun with it!

Primer -  MAC Soft Ochre
All over lid shadow  - MAC Mylar 
Create Crease - UDNaked Palette -BUCK
Intensify Crease -  MAC Follie  
MAC  Penultimate Liner (my go to liner) 
Lips: Revlon (true red) Drug store

XOXO  Stay Glamorous!!♥     

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Color Blocking #2

Forever 21 shirt great find $14.80

Here it goes.... I wanted to do a quick post on this trend that  is slowly  becoming a favorite of mine.. I know color blocking can be more Bold and Daring!  This is my own personal take  
I though this  option with simple solid colors would be a great alternative to still give  bold color pumps another go.!!!!  Being a mommy and all  :)
I love this shirt  was a great find and inexpensive totally within my budget and is versatile to wear with shorts and it can be worn longer with some cute skinny jeans..

Versatilty and Multiuse is always a A+ 

Have a wonderful weekend and be safe !!

xoxo Stay Glamorous!!   ♥♥

Thursday, September 22, 2011

❈ A Vision of Peacock ❈

The best thing about being a makeup artist is being able to experiment with drastically bold looks and colors! I was brainstorming new looks and came across this gorgeous mask- and fell in love with the colors. It inspired me to try to create my own take on a vision of Peacock!  

I used all matte colors which tend to be the best to demonstrate the true pigment and shades on skin and go all out! 

Although it isn't something I would wear to an office meeting-I think it's FUN and flirty-maybe something some of you would even  October coming up.!!!!   

Any other looks you sometimes want to just try at least just to see how crazy cool it would look 
Let me know !!!!!

XOXO  Stay Glamorous because you are!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

♥ Tell me about your self AWARD ♥

I am so happy to have received yet another cute award from two different bloggers below.. This two beautiful ladies have lovely blogs I invite you  to check out.!!!   It really makes my day when someone takes time out of their day to check out my blog and most important give me an award!!! THANK YOU ♥  

The Rules
Thank and link the person who awarded you
Write 7 random things about yourself
Spread the love to 15 other bloggers

7 Random Facts

#1 I am very petite Almost 5ft... ;) no quite....

#2 I don't like Chocolate much.....

#3 I'm a perfectionist & it drives me crazy 

#4 My scent is Chanel AUE Teundre ( Pink one) 

#5 I am married and will be 14 years married this year!!!  

#6  2 blessings in my life  - my  13 year old daughter  and a 3 year old son !

#7 Sleeping is my favorite ...

Color blocking # 1

My Take on Color Blocking! 

I have been wanting to jump on the color blocking bandwagon since the trend began! I have seen so many different versions in magazines and on other bloggers- that I just had to try!

Last week I received this bold pair of bright blue pumps and I thought it would be an excellent way for me to venture out and experiment with my own take on this trend. 

I was happy with the outcome and how fresh and fun this trend can be! I was able to make 2 looks using the same shorts I got at EXPRESS and the Pumps from Charlotte Russe, Ergo Part #1 and soon part #2 ;)

What other trends are you curious to try/and or looking forward to buy? fill me in and I might just give it a whirl!

Stay glamorous!

Shorts - Express 
Shirt - H&M 
Pumps - Charlotte Russe 
Bag - Coach 

Monday, September 19, 2011

∙•・Chocolate Dƴvine •・∙

OPI Expresso Your Style !

Sometimes you may want a quick soft look that looks great and is simple to create!

I created this look using only 3 colors ...  Chocolate MAC pigmentMAC Knight Divine eyeshadow to buff and add dimension on the eye crease. On the bottom I also added Knight Divine with a pencil Brush... and  Mac Mylar for highlight and Voilá- 
I have a new chocolate obsession  ☺ 

(I used a dark brown pencil at the end as a liner very lightly !! 

What do you think? Simple enough to wear to the office and for dinner?  I think so   : ) 

This is one of my everyday looks- it's simple and easy to create and compliments most outfits 

♥ xoxo Stay Glamorous ♥