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Monday, October 31, 2011

LUSH-icious SKIN !!!

I have always heard of LUSH , but never really tried their products until a few weeks back (a friend actually  mentioned how much she loved this store, and of course I to try and find out why :)  
 I'm  glad I did.....  taking care of my skin has become something I love doing and love seeing  how it really helps my overall complexion.  These products are so very gentle but get the work done and it's all handmade! 
All I can say is this  scrub has won me over I love how nice it exfoliates my face leaving  it feeling clean and soft . I noticed immediately after I dried my face that there was a difference in the overall cleanliness,softness and texture of my skin!  

Ultrabland - Facial Cleanser MAKEUP remover      Angels on Bare Skin... Exfoliates , Deep cleanse!

Angels on Bare Skin....

Oh how do I begin..this is A MUST for SURE !  It's amazingly SOFT- I mean extremely SOFT skin and a great help create a beautiful GLOW. 

This is the one item I would say to try for sure! I am not kidding (lol) although the sea salt was great- it is a bit more of a deep down exfoliation..  BUT After trying Angels on Bare Skin I honestly couldn't stop touching my face and how smooth and clean  it felt ! and I personally love the smell too :)

(basically it is a clay base  deep cleanse with ground
 almonds that gently exfoliate the dead skin away. Rose and lavender are added to soothe and help balance out combination skin)

Ultrabland - is a great non irritant- not AT ALL at least for me when I use it to remove my makeup. I love how gentle it is and how at the same time it moisturizes my skin... it says it is made with Almond Oil, rose water and Beeswax...  I like how this works  BUT the only thing I am not crazy about is having to make sure you clean off the excess with a cloth and of course wash your face well after wards to rid of any residue! However, it is still a great makeup remover! 

Do any of you love LUSH!!! I just started to love it and can't wait to try out their other  products....!

xoxo  Stay Glamorous!!  
Have a great week  :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Magnetic Polish anyone ???

So, what do you guys think??  
Like this funky new item that seems to be really pushing  Crackle finish polishes over ?   
I purchased  this at Sephora as I had previously posted.  
 I do  love the final outcome .... I have to admit it took a few tries to get it to work right specially because of the way you must hold the lid magnet that it comes with !   

What I like :
The nail polish application is nice and even
I love that it dries very quickly 
Love the color 

Don't like that :
It takes TIME to do both hands... and precision  
They only have 2 colors so far!
You must apply a Top Coat to get a nice shine to it
Price tag is a bit much for sure !   $16 

Overall I'm glad I got it , and LOVE  the final outcome looks very nice after all the work ! now I just hope that it doesn't start to wear off or chip...... I'll let you know for sure :)

Let me know what you think  Have any of you gotten this item what are your thoughts... ???

xoxo Stay Gorgeous!!!  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Small Sephora Haul!

Good Morning Ladies.!!

I wanted to just do a small post on a little haul from Sephora.... while doing some window shopping I ended up  just purchasing some items that seemed pretty neat to try out!   the only one I have tried so far is the blush and let me tell you is such a nice soft tone once you put on your cheeks is just a beautiful glow.... great pigmentation!  
Oh! and the polish I did try one nail and I love how simple and easy it is to use...I'll upload some pics soon...I love the final result.
I hope you are all having a great week so far , Blessings 

xoxo Stay Glamorous!! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I'm so happy and honored that a few fellow bloggers  award me  these little badges and I wanted to share with you their links below,  they have amazing -fun blogs. 
 I invite you to check their blog out you'll be happy you did !!! 

TELI - ! ** Pink Confessions ** !


PolaBerry's Beauty Blog


WHAT UPSETS YOU : messy house
WHEN YOU'RE UPSET, YOU:  want to make a run to Starbucks LOL! 
YOUR BIGGEST FEAR:  letting time go by and not follow my dreams and or at least try!  
BEST FEATURE: ... my hair ?
EVERYDAY ATTITUDE:  Just thankful for another day!
WHAT IS PERFECTION: FOR ME .. just being home with my little family  and relaxing without no worries! 
GUILTY PLEASURE: Shoes......  :/

♥I don't like onions! 
♥both hubby and I are the second oldest from our families 
♥I'm a perfectionist and I wish I wasn't  
♥I like to eat cereal for dinner 
♥ I work from home 
♥I'll be going to school in a few weeks nervous-excitted ! 
♥I love makeup but can't wear it everyday ... is tiresome!   

Friday, October 21, 2011

* Dare to Flare * Sigma Palette Tutorial

Yay TGIF ! 
I wanted to do a tutorial using my sigma palettes...  I have posted a few looks  using them and decided to do a little tutorial.   I think the colors are bright but still wearable for fall.  Also  using a bold lipstick did a bold ombre lip for a fun look ?  
What do you guys think? 

I hope you gorgeous ladies  have a great Friday and fun weekend ahead!  Blessings

xoxo Stay Glamorous! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wet n Wild- Dreamy Poppy

Wet n Wild - Dreamy Poppy

I wanted to do a little review I purchased a couple of 
Wet n Wild nail polishes under $2 dollars  I thought it was worth trying !   I love the variety of colors they offer
 I love this one is a subtle neon guava color very lovely shade.  It is very easy to apply , but the only down side-  in order to achieve a good coverage you do need at least 3 coats.... On the pictures above I didn't apply any top coat..and you can still see is  pretty shiny!!   
Overall pretty happy with them and definitely super affordable for someone like me that loves to change nail color so often :) 
Hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend!  

Blessings to you all

XOXO Stay Glamorous .....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

♥ Breast Cancer Awareness Month ♥

Good Morning beautiful Ladies!!
It saddens me when I think about how Cancer has affected so many people. Whether it's a close family member or someone we know, we probably know someone who has been affected by this horrible disease. In my case, I have lost 3 loved ones  to this monster.  Not too long ago my aunt loss her battle with Breast Cancer .  

 This is:

I wanted to create a  makeup look to honor and represent this ongoing battle for so many strong and beautiful women! 

I pray and trust that we can find a cure soon and that the battle against cancer will be over.  

During this month, there are so many brands that offer a way for you to show support and spread awareness. If you want to contribute there are plenty of ways you can help!  "SEPHORA beauty gives back"   has lots of makeup goodies, I know that once you purchase any special edition Breast Cancer Awareness items  (plenty out there)  it will go directly to finding a cure.

Click here for more info on how to do a BREAST SELF EXAM .

Blessings to all of you! And if you are currently fighting this disease- please know that you are not alone and that there's are millions out there supporting and searching for the CURE! 

XOXO  Stay Gorgeous!   

Thursday, October 13, 2011

※ Recreating FALLing Leaves LOOK ※

Wet n Wild  $4.99 

Wet n Wild $2.99

!!! CHECK my VideoTUTORIAL for this LOOK !!!
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 As I mentioned on yesterday's post... 
Here's a  great alternative to re-create my  "FALLing Leaves Tutorial" 
 I found this Wet n Wild palettes that  would be a great alternative , as shown above I've  highlighted  the colors that would be great comparisons!  
What do you think???  
I hope you guys find this helpful and try this look :)    
I am very happy to see that their  eye shadows have amazing  pigmentation  they 're  totally worth  trying ! 

Anyone else know of any other brands that really work well without breaking one's wallet.....  

XOXO Stay Glamorous!! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

""FALLing Leaves ""


I hope you ladies are having a great week so far, mine has been a busy one! But as I venture in this new blogging  journey and sharing my passion for makeup with you- I am  also now trying to work on making tutorials here and there!  

Goodness it is a lot of work but I am enjoying making them for all of you! 

I hope you find it helpful and please let me know what you think?  

Along with my video I will share  some affordable alternatives in creating this look using Wet n Wild cosmetics!!   Stay Tuned for tomorrow's blog post !!! 

I am totally loving these eyeshadows....  
Have a blessed day  !

XOXO  Stay Gorgeous!!  

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mac Haul- Purple LOVE

 MAC  MSF :  LIGHTSCAPE (great for highlight) 
MAC -Quiet Time nail polish ( beige nude-creme)

 MAC Lipstick in Violeta (amplified) 
Mac Dazzleglass in Funtabulous (purple with shimmery sparkle)

 Love the staying power on this babies! 
MAC PIGMENT shade:  Violet and Golden Olive 

Mac Pro Long Wear  colors :  Unlimited and Overtime 

Hello ladies!!!  
I was organizing my makeup and wanted to just share with you some new makeup goodies I purchase a week ago ! 
After getting all of it together I didn't realize I went very purple with most of the items purchased ,  I do love this color   :)  
My favorite item in this haul was the MAC Pro Long Wear lip creme !  I had seen them but didn't know how well or if the pigmentation and staying power would really be a good one!  
Very pleasantly surprised this gets a A+ for me!  It really does stay put  very long lasting and great color variety.   I only have to apply some lipgloss and that's it !  I want to get them in all colors 
The other items were just new additions to my makeup kit as shown above. 
Have a great and safe weekend! 

XOXO Stay Glamorous!!  

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Friday, October 7, 2011

♥ Wet n Wild ( Spoiled Brat) ♥

I have purchased some items from  Wet n Wild brand,  but hadn't tried their eyeshadows ! 
Very affordable and after reading all the great reviews on their eye shadow palettes  I decided I needed to try it for myself , so glad I did!
The color payoff was excellent it really surprised me, for $2.99  It was a steal !  I love that it gives a little "How to " guide for the ones just starting up in makeup!   

Normally I do more day to day makeup looks and I thought this would be a nice a daring palette to do a famous known CUT CREASE look! 

Using only this little palette to create this look : 

On main lid area I applied -  Silver Shadow 
To cut the crease -  Black shimmery shadow  ( used a very thin brush to define the crease nice and  sharp and buff for a nice effect )
Highlight - Hot Pink shadow.
Bottom Lash line -  Hot Pink Shadow + black liner 
A pair of flirty False Lashes  and
Black liner to finish up!  

*** I made sure to use a primer in this case my favorite 
MAC - Soft Ochre   

I hope you all have a great weekend ahead and although this is a bold look .   
Makeup is that just being creative and just thinking out of the box. !!     


XOXO  Stay Glamorous!!  

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