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Monday, October 31, 2011

LUSH-icious SKIN !!!

I have always heard of LUSH , but never really tried their products until a few weeks back (a friend actually  mentioned how much she loved this store, and of course I to try and find out why :)  
 I'm  glad I did.....  taking care of my skin has become something I love doing and love seeing  how it really helps my overall complexion.  These products are so very gentle but get the work done and it's all handmade! 
All I can say is this  scrub has won me over I love how nice it exfoliates my face leaving  it feeling clean and soft . I noticed immediately after I dried my face that there was a difference in the overall cleanliness,softness and texture of my skin!  

Ultrabland - Facial Cleanser MAKEUP remover      Angels on Bare Skin... Exfoliates , Deep cleanse!

Angels on Bare Skin....

Oh how do I begin..this is A MUST for SURE !  It's amazingly SOFT- I mean extremely SOFT skin and a great help create a beautiful GLOW. 

This is the one item I would say to try for sure! I am not kidding (lol) although the sea salt was great- it is a bit more of a deep down exfoliation..  BUT After trying Angels on Bare Skin I honestly couldn't stop touching my face and how smooth and clean  it felt ! and I personally love the smell too :)

(basically it is a clay base  deep cleanse with ground
 almonds that gently exfoliate the dead skin away. Rose and lavender are added to soothe and help balance out combination skin)

Ultrabland - is a great non irritant- not AT ALL at least for me when I use it to remove my makeup. I love how gentle it is and how at the same time it moisturizes my skin... it says it is made with Almond Oil, rose water and Beeswax...  I like how this works  BUT the only thing I am not crazy about is having to make sure you clean off the excess with a cloth and of course wash your face well after wards to rid of any residue! However, it is still a great makeup remover! 

Do any of you love LUSH!!! I just started to love it and can't wait to try out their other  products....!

xoxo  Stay Glamorous!!  
Have a great week  :)


  1. Love Lush. Will have to try this scrub.

  2. Love Lush too. I have tried some of their products, like foot scrub, hands scrub and shampoos. I have always thought they have great products, and everything's natural! they have opened a new store here where I live, I'll probably try your suggestions! xx

  3. Great review! I'm in loveeee with Lush, can't live without it :-)

  4. Great review! I haven´t tried any products by Lush yet, but this sounds like something I should try.

  5. i seriously want to try LUSH out, but I'm so OCD that I can't purchase some items like cleanser until I'm done with what i already have. but i will be trying them out in the near future. thanks for sharing ;-)

  6. I've never tried LUSH. I will definitely have to look them up and try them. Excellent review Lizbeth!

  7. ive never tried lush!!here in puerto rico we cant find them :(

  8. looks super amazing
    happy & scary halloween darling
    Always following
    The Dolls Factory

  9. I really need to try some Lush products!

  10. i've never tried it but i'm thinking i need to head to the mall and buy me some angels on bare skin!

  11. I have yet to try lush, but I have wanted to for a long time. Once I'm done with all my current skin products I'll probably experiment with theirs ;D

  12. been wanting to try their products for the longest time, especially their uber sweet scented soaps! can't wait until they open here in Singapore, which is very soon!

  13. i am all about scrubs!
    they leave my skin soft
    and so healthy looking..

    only 3 more days !! YAY



  14. I LOVE the salt scrub too!! I'll check out that mask though, I have been thinking bout trying it our but just always end up getting a different one that they recommend...

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  16. i have yet to check out and try lush! sounds like i need to try the angels on bare skin. it's getting cold and my skin is getting very dry!

  17. Hi sweetie, i just found your blog and i eally liked it, your photos are incredible!
    i'm following you, pleaase follow me back :)

  18. I have always wanted to try Lush products

  19. Hi gorgeous and yes I do too love love love LUSH products. They're absolutely amazing! So glad you found them and using them now. Great review girly.

    <3 Marina


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