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Friday, January 4, 2013

Switching to Instagram for now

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Life is gotten busy for me and regret not having time for blogging I must keep my focus yet I am so happy a month ago I finally decided to get an iphone and now I have an Instagram page "GLAMSTYLN" 
It allows me to quickly just do daily post of makeup and things I am loving currently ! and is super quick and simple for me when Im lacking time ! 
I would love it if you decide to find me on IG 
Hope eveyone has had a great start to a new year 2013 
I am praying and hoping is gonna be a great one!
Blessings to all of you ! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 1 - Marilynn Collection 2012

It seems as though in every  MAC collection  the lipsticks are always best sellers!! 
Here I'm wearing MAC's Pure Zen.  
 Gorgeous peach nude tone.!    Love a great nude lip with out looking washed out!  
Did anyone else have a chance to check this collection out .  Amazingly it sold out the first day at my store ! 

xoxo Lizbeth 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

LOVE being REBEL !!!

MAC- Rebel has got to be one of the colors I love for fall season !!   Here in MN is all ready making an appearance.   is such a lovely bold color.!  
Bold lips  are so much fun !   
What lip colors will you be rockn' this fall season! 

xoxo  Lizbeth 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hello ...There!!! Fresh START!

Re introducing myself .. been completely MIA for such a long time.  ever since my last post I  made major changes now I am at a point in my life where am doing something that I am passionate about.  
I decided to pursue my love for makeup.  I am now freelancing more. and love my new job as a makeup artist .. 
taking such decisions meant working harder and adjustments for me and family! (less time for bloggin')
I look forward in sharing with you daily makeup looks, trends and shoes on everything girly that we all have a lot in common ! 

Blessings to you !   Stay tunned !  

Friday, April 6, 2012

MAC Stars & Rockets gives a POP !

When in doubt?  
I like using color on the lower lash line for a POP of color I am crazy about experimenting and I love playing with bold colors but sometimes a little is enough! 

Here I use of my old time favorite colors MAC - Stars and Rockets. 

I also really enjoy  MAC Sheen Supreme here I am wearing it in the color - Asian Flower! 

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! 


Saturday, March 31, 2012

MAC - Bitter Shadow!


primed my eyelid with Soft Ochre by MAC 
and used Maybelline EMERALD 24 hr shadow Tattoo! from tear duct to about half way thru eyelid! 

 Used MAC - Swiss Chocolate half way thru the eyelid this is the color you would use to really create as much definition and you would like ... the more shadow you add the more dramatic the look ! 
very simple !

 USED this new pigment EMERALD ... from tear duct to about halfway ! 
I ordered online by company TKB trading! if you want to venture with pigments this is the place VERY inexpensive and great variety !

Added with small brush ! MAC - BitterShadow! for that POP of color! add as much as you'd like ! 
don't forget to add a soft light highlight color on brow bone area! any light vanilla color will work !

 Basically I replicated the same motion on the lower lash line ! I didn't really use any liner on this one I did however lined my UPPER water line! 

and also used NARS Bonaparte ...Cream eyeliner for the lower waterline to open up the eye!

And That is it :) Simple !
Hope you guys get to try this fun and SImple look!


I invite you to check out my Lizbeth's FACEBOOK page .  I feel it gives me the chance to get to know more people one on one  I am always there ( ha ha! ) sharing and chatting all about makeup tips and favorite items of the day!   Visit me ! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

MAC- Call me Bubbles ( ORANGE is in!!! )

 Essie-  TART DECO ! 

MAC  Morange Lipstick ! 

MAC - Call me Bubbles palette! 

I am totally loving ORANGE as I keep on seeing this color is one of the ones that  will be hot this season.. as well as NEON colors  
What trends are you most excited to try out at least once this season??  I am still in the hunt of something cute to venture the NEON trend, not sure how far I would go . but for sure Orange so far is something I will venture with more than once !  

Have an awesome day and thanks for visiting my blog