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Saturday, March 31, 2012

MAC - Bitter Shadow!


primed my eyelid with Soft Ochre by MAC 
and used Maybelline EMERALD 24 hr shadow Tattoo! from tear duct to about half way thru eyelid! 

 Used MAC - Swiss Chocolate half way thru the eyelid this is the color you would use to really create as much definition and you would like ... the more shadow you add the more dramatic the look ! 
very simple !

 USED this new pigment EMERALD ... from tear duct to about halfway ! 
I ordered online by company TKB trading! if you want to venture with pigments this is the place VERY inexpensive and great variety !

Added with small brush ! MAC - BitterShadow! for that POP of color! add as much as you'd like ! 
don't forget to add a soft light highlight color on brow bone area! any light vanilla color will work !

 Basically I replicated the same motion on the lower lash line ! I didn't really use any liner on this one I did however lined my UPPER water line! 

and also used NARS Bonaparte ...Cream eyeliner for the lower waterline to open up the eye!

And That is it :) Simple !
Hope you guys get to try this fun and SImple look!


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Thursday, March 29, 2012

MAC- Call me Bubbles ( ORANGE is in!!! )

 Essie-  TART DECO ! 

MAC  Morange Lipstick ! 

MAC - Call me Bubbles palette! 

I am totally loving ORANGE as I keep on seeing this color is one of the ones that  will be hot this season.. as well as NEON colors  
What trends are you most excited to try out at least once this season??  I am still in the hunt of something cute to venture the NEON trend, not sure how far I would go . but for sure Orange so far is something I will venture with more than once !  

Have an awesome day and thanks for visiting my blog 


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shop MAC Cook MAC

Shop and Drop MAC palette 
2 quick looks!  

 Purple Look! 

 Smokey lavender look! 

Really have enjoyed these MAC palettes these from the  Shop MAC Cook MAC collection  came with the possibilities are endless. and so easy to have in a quad as a quick alternative all the colors are greatly paired.. So you know they'll compliment each other  regardless what you are in the mood for ! 

Hope everyone is having a great week!  


Friday, March 16, 2012

Victoria Secret Makeup LOOK!

Victoria Secret PURPLE shadow Palette 
and Highlight Powder !!!

Here's a quick look on the purple tones on this new VS shadow palette overall very happy with the color pay off... !!  This is such a great palette if you LOVE purple tones!! 

 totally loving this highlight powder .....  really gives you  a lovely glow.!!! 

Thanks for all stopping by and visiting  my page. 
 Been so busy lately now that bridal season is on!  working to networking so much work :P .
 But still love posting and sharing with you guys great finds and current makeup items I am loving .

Blessings to you have a great rest of your week ! ! ! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Victoria Secret MAKEUP

Victoria Secret Makeup..
I saw this palette and had to try the colors are so pretty and highly pigmented,  also Love this dual color liner !!
and of course had to try this highlight powder LOVE this type of powders they really can help you achieve that JLo glow and this one is stunning! 

 Dual eyeliner pencil in light shimmery rose and dark navy blue

 my best attempt to do some swatches on with my cell phone

Victoria Secret Radiant glow powder!

Hope everyone has a great day... 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Nail How To's Tips :)

Essie - Peach Daiquiri .......

 use this to help my nails grow, once they break which does happen :( I use it as a PRIMER base and Top coat!! I figure it helps my nails grow and not stain :) and it gives a nice shine as a top coat 

I carry this in my purse all the time.... is a Vitamin E cuticle oil... it really works wonderful on moisturizing your cuticles and specially healing those nasty hang nails... I have those once in a while and we all know how painful it can be literally as soon as I apply I feel comfort and it does heal it pretty fast,
I'm pretty sure is the Vitamin E

and to groom nails before applying nail polish
1) I always file my nails STRAIGHT across... I do not go over the edges unless it feels too sharp :P
I just love the way it gives that square look once you apply nail polish
2) I try very hard to not mess with my cuticles (that's where the Vitamin E oil comes in handy )
3) I use this buffing file I got at walmart for about $2 dollars it really aids for buffing the nail with any ridges and smooth the over all nail for a flawless application...
(just don't over do it, or your nails will get weak -learned the hard way )

This is my go to for when really my all my nails start to go down hill is a Serum to help them grow fast in says in about 5 days...
I just apply to help them grow.. (if needed when this situation happens ) :)
Have a blessed week ahead.....  


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MAC Breezy BLUE polish & Favorite EVERYDAY storage!

TARGET - Caboodle.

Although I have a fair amount of makeup 
 I do have a must have stash of items that I use on a daily basis, this caboodle I use every single day to get ready , It was very inexpensive and it really does a great job fitting a lot of my favorite items from foundation, lip products, primer , nail polishes.   
Just enough for me to  grab quickly on the go and take it with me even  for when I have to spend the night over. 
I then only throw in my face care products and that's it . 
I do have to rotate some items from time to time, 
To give LOVE to my other makeup goodies, as I hate to neglect any of them :) 

MAC Breezy BLUE   
Just got this gorgeous color with the new MAC Chenman Collection LOVE it. !!

Monday, March 5, 2012

MAC Chenman Collection

MAC Budding up Lipstick ! 
Luster Lipstick 

 MAC Force of Love Lipstick 
Matte finish 

How fun are these new shades MAC just released last week thursday with their new Chenman Love & Water collection !  
It really has some gorgeous mineralized eyeshadows and these are the two lipsticks colors that it came  with . 
I personally LOVE Budding up Lipstick is a nice mix between a pink and lilac color.... along side with the matching lip glass.. It's a gorgeous color.! 

Anyone else get anything from this collection ??
Have a great week !!