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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MAC Breezy BLUE polish & Favorite EVERYDAY storage!

TARGET - Caboodle.

Although I have a fair amount of makeup 
 I do have a must have stash of items that I use on a daily basis, this caboodle I use every single day to get ready , It was very inexpensive and it really does a great job fitting a lot of my favorite items from foundation, lip products, primer , nail polishes.   
Just enough for me to  grab quickly on the go and take it with me even  for when I have to spend the night over. 
I then only throw in my face care products and that's it . 
I do have to rotate some items from time to time, 
To give LOVE to my other makeup goodies, as I hate to neglect any of them :) 

MAC Breezy BLUE   
Just got this gorgeous color with the new MAC Chenman Collection LOVE it. !!


  1. Oh my, that nail polish is so freaking vibrant and gorgeouss.
    I knew i should've bought this when i saw it today.

  2. OMG that polish is amazing, love the makeup setup

  3. Very organized! wow love that polish, must have!

  4. That polish is gorgeous and the storage is amazing, I really need something like that!

  5. I love that BLUE! It is the perfect shade!!!!

  6. great way to store things i was thinking of getting one love the nail polish perfect shade of blue!

  7. i love caboodles! I spy a buxom mascara, I use that on myself too

  8. That nail polish color is GORGEOUS! I want it!

  9. Lovely storage and collection.I'm mega jealous of your collection.

    ps loving the look of that Mac eyeshadow quad in the 1st pic.i have eagle eyes so I was able to spot it. haha :)

  10. Lovely post, I love your blog!:-)
    Would you like to follow each other? M.

    My blog in english:

  11. Love the makeup setup,but the nail polish is amazing I love it!!

  12. Oh MY Gosh! that blue color is gorgeous!


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