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Saturday, March 31, 2012

MAC - Bitter Shadow!


primed my eyelid with Soft Ochre by MAC 
and used Maybelline EMERALD 24 hr shadow Tattoo! from tear duct to about half way thru eyelid! 

 Used MAC - Swiss Chocolate half way thru the eyelid this is the color you would use to really create as much definition and you would like ... the more shadow you add the more dramatic the look ! 
very simple !

 USED this new pigment EMERALD ... from tear duct to about halfway ! 
I ordered online by company TKB trading! if you want to venture with pigments this is the place VERY inexpensive and great variety !

Added with small brush ! MAC - BitterShadow! for that POP of color! add as much as you'd like ! 
don't forget to add a soft light highlight color on brow bone area! any light vanilla color will work !

 Basically I replicated the same motion on the lower lash line ! I didn't really use any liner on this one I did however lined my UPPER water line! 

and also used NARS Bonaparte ...Cream eyeliner for the lower waterline to open up the eye!

And That is it :) Simple !
Hope you guys get to try this fun and SImple look!


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  1. you are so lucky you can pull off all kinds of different color eyeshadows!
    love this look you look gorgeous!

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  2. such a pretty color ! I wanna learn how to do this too, but i'm scared trying bold colors xD

  3. Replies
    1. thanks hun it does give a definite POP of color!! is fun to venture out !

  4. Loved the look! The colors suite you very good! Gorgeous as always! Xoxo

  5. looking gorgeous as always Lizbeth <3
    Rina xo

  6. so pretty love the color!
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  7. you suit all colors! I'd love to try different styles but I'm afraid I wont look as good haha.


    with love,

  8. Love that inner tear duct color! (:

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  9. Replies
    1. your looking so cool and pretty i like your fashion site amazing work

  10. I love your eyes :)!
    Much love,


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