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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ELF $1 palette + Maybelline Shadow Tattoo = ♥

As most of you know the Maybelline Color Shadow Tattoo  are currently the most talked about item .   As soon I as I heard I went and purchased them specially because I love MAC paint pots and these seemed to be a cheaper alternative ! 
Pretty happy with them so far.  I like some colors more than others .  On this post I decided to use the white frost one  and combined with a super super cheap ELF palette I had in my makeup drawer waiting to be used ... 
This is the look I quickly created and attempted to show a few of the steps...  not sure that was a good idea but oh well you get the idea.! 

Blessings and have a great week 


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wet n Wild.........

✥ Comfort Zone Palette ✥

MAC -Violetta Lipstick

Wet n Wild  {Comfort Zone}
As always pretty surprised on these  "oh so inexpensive"  palettes.  The color payoff is amazing I am in love with one color in particular the bottom right corner it's  this iridescent green with reddish hues is just so pretty !  Most colors on these palette are very versatile to create clean everyday looks and it has a few darker shadows to really pump up the look for a more dramatic smokey eye! 
All in all...  $3.99 well spent for me :)

Hope everyone is having a great week.....  
Be happy 

Lizbeth - Glamstyln'

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bad Hair day !?!?!

Wanted to do a quick post... found this great fedora from F21 and I had forgotten I bought.    .... EVEN though it won't really keep me all cozy I think  is  a cute and great addition to complete an outfit .  Specially since that  day I really didn't want to do much with my hair.   A hat was just the ticket. So CHEERS to hats that can help you when you really rather do your makeup instead of hair... and YUP .... that would be me Makeup First!  hair second

What would you rather do or go without HAIR DONE OR MAKEUP ???  so curious.!!!!  

Blessings have a great rest of your weakend! 


Thursday, January 12, 2012

♥ My other Obsession ♥


**I bought these for 50% off currently Shoedazzle has a great sale for a  lot of their shoes **


Of course makeup is something  I'm  very passionate about , but like most girls I'm  also  head over  HEELS (literally ) for shoes...  I try to always sneak in a pair or two.  This is where Shoedazzle caught my eye and well I decided to join . I have been part of this going on 2 years and well let's say my shoe collection has expanded.   Towards the end of the year I was so busy that I didn't really buy anything and my credits just piled up.   
Basically you subscribe to pay $39.95 a month for shoes. but you can skip any month that you want ... ( I had 2 credits and forgot to skip one month thus why my little shopping spree )  
   You are not required to purchase each month. 
Here are the styles I ordered in the last 2 weeks, wanted to share with you. 

If you want to try  Shoedazzle :
You choose if you want to buy each month ( not required) 
You can skip any month until you find something that catches your eye ,
You won't  be charged unless you make a purchase/Just remember to skip the month.. very easy to do ! 
You can accumulate points with each purchase 
**** each pair =100 points  once you get 1000 points / You can get a free pair of shoes...!!!! 
You get your stuff pretty fast
Amazing customer service... 
Convenience of having a monthly closet created according to your taste (after you do a brief survey to know what styles you like most ) 
Shoedazzle FACEBOOK page where they actually communicate with you ! 

Any of you ladies also into shoes???  

Have a blessed day 


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

*** MAC Iris Apfel collection***

I totally LOVE blush...  and this two are for sure something I am so excited to play with : MAC Mineralized Skinfinish is silky smooth and just gorgeous  as a highlight if you use the lighter color and multipurpose for soft blush . 
 Blush Ombre is just gorgeous very soft pink and once mixed with the purple the hue is so pretty .!

Here you can tell I am totally into  bright and bold colors I always purchase  nude lipsticks  in any brand and now I'm trying to expand my collection and really experiment with this gorgeous shades.  
This is from the Iris Apfel collection the are all so pretty my favorite would be Party Parrot and Scarlet Ibis... 

My Favorite so far !!
2nd Favorite....... 

Of course while shopping I had to stack on one of my favorite mascaras of all times.. Mac ZOOM lash and my everyday go to  MAC penultimate liner..   

Have any  of you have checked out these new goodies MAC released... I am totally in love with all of it. 

Have a great week ....and as always 
blessings to you all 


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wonder Magic. + New MAC Nailpolish shade ...✩✩✩

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth 
Miracle Serum  A+

This stuff works.... 
I am talking about the Sally Hansen Miracle Serum.  I've always had issues with my nails being a bit weak and  break easily.  I try to be in the lookout to help them some... specially since my nails don't grow super fast either.
A few weeks back I was under so much stress I literally bit all my nails off because I used my teeth as "nail polish remover" and well you get the picture.  
I normally get the Sally Hansen growth nail polish to help them  and basically nurse them back to health.  This time without notice instead of grabbing the nail polish I reached and grabbed their serum, didn't noticed until I was home and about to apply  
I decided to give it a go. After about one week now totally amazed and happy I purchased this  by error.  
My nails really have become stronger and they did started to grow pretty fast.   
needless to say , this will be something I'll be purchasing again  once I am done 
All you need to do is apply a small dot before you apply nail polish and afterwards you can just apply and massage  unto your cuticles  not only is helping you grow beautiful nails BUT is also moisturizing dry cuticles so  double the benefit.

WOOT WOOT for healthy .... nails!!  

PS. of course I am also posting a picture with my new MAC polish and thankful that my nails are back to normal....♥



Sunday, January 8, 2012

*** Rockn' Metal ***

MAC Crused-Metal Pigments 
used Pearl

Over the holidays I purchased the limited edition MAC Dazzlesphere Ornaments. I am crazy about pigments and these are crushed metal  can be so fun when creating looks... 
Although I must admit they can be tricky and or a bit messy the final outcome is a favorable one.
These can be used dry / or wet for a more BOLD METAL look ... : )
Here I used  the lightest color "Pearl"  for a pop of shimmer.   Really tried to capture with my camera the pretty shimmer.  Still learning to take a good picture with shimmery colors. 
On the bottom lash line I used my faithful coastal scents original 88 palette.  

Hope everyone has a great week ahead..... 


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Orangé You Glad ......

 Coastal Scents SMOKEY eye palette

Coastal Scents - Smokey Palette 

I've  had this palette literally forever and completely forgotten about it  :p
I decided to create a quick  look and play with the colors!
This is what I came up with.  This palette basically separates  color hues to create different smokey eye colors .... Brown/Green/Purple/Grey/ Blue/Pinks.   
I think it's a great "Starter" palette .  Basically it offers a little bit of everything. 
The color payoff was pretty good not great... I did have to pack on the color a few times... over all I think is pretty decent item. 

Hope you are all having a great week...!! 

Lizbeth - Glamstyln'