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Thursday, January 12, 2012

♥ My other Obsession ♥


**I bought these for 50% off currently Shoedazzle has a great sale for a  lot of their shoes **


Of course makeup is something  I'm  very passionate about , but like most girls I'm  also  head over  HEELS (literally ) for shoes...  I try to always sneak in a pair or two.  This is where Shoedazzle caught my eye and well I decided to join . I have been part of this going on 2 years and well let's say my shoe collection has expanded.   Towards the end of the year I was so busy that I didn't really buy anything and my credits just piled up.   
Basically you subscribe to pay $39.95 a month for shoes. but you can skip any month that you want ... ( I had 2 credits and forgot to skip one month thus why my little shopping spree )  
   You are not required to purchase each month. 
Here are the styles I ordered in the last 2 weeks, wanted to share with you. 

If you want to try  Shoedazzle :
You choose if you want to buy each month ( not required) 
You can skip any month until you find something that catches your eye ,
You won't  be charged unless you make a purchase/Just remember to skip the month.. very easy to do ! 
You can accumulate points with each purchase 
**** each pair =100 points  once you get 1000 points / You can get a free pair of shoes...!!!! 
You get your stuff pretty fast
Amazing customer service... 
Convenience of having a monthly closet created according to your taste (after you do a brief survey to know what styles you like most ) 
Shoedazzle FACEBOOK page where they actually communicate with you ! 

Any of you ladies also into shoes???  

Have a blessed day 



  1. great deals!! love the yellow shoes ;-)

  2. I'm in LOVE with the yellow pumps! Love the triple strap.

  3. Omg! I totally fell in love with these last two pairs when I saw them on the website!

  4. Seeing a lot of sexy heels. Love the leopard and snake skins.

  5. Looks like we have a lot in common! Great shoes ;D



  6. so many amazing shoes. I love heels too!

  7. All nice shoes, but the yellow Malese shoes are amazing!!! Love love love them ;)
    Would love to see an outfit of yours with those beauties! Please... :)
    Have a great weekend, sweetie.
    Big kiss***

  8. WOW! Awesome shoes. I am loving the python wedges. Too fab.

  9. OMG I want your shoes specially the yellow pair!

  10. i was very much into bags, but now i am sooo into shoes. love these.... looks like shoedazzle has some amazing ones. the wedges are stunning!

    hope you enjoy your wknd!

  11. thank you for the birthday wishes! i've been thinking about doing shoedazzle from the looks of it seems like a good idea!

  12. Hey Lizbeth! I was looking at my GFC and saw you. Missed ya girl!!! These shoes are gorgeous. I am loving the yellow ones. How cool are those!?! I hope you have a wonderful weekend pretty lady. I'll stay in touch.

  13. if only shoedazzle delivers internationally!!

  14. I always forget to check this site out, i might actually add my credit cus for $40 - that's a pretty good deal. i love your picks!

  15. Love, Love, Love the yellow ones!

  16. ME TOO...LOVE Shoedazzle and they have some amazing shoes and handbags!!!

    <3 Marina

  17. Amazing Shooe's !!!!

    Would u like follow each other?



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