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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bad Hair day !?!?!

Wanted to do a quick post... found this great fedora from F21 and I had forgotten I bought.    .... EVEN though it won't really keep me all cozy I think  is  a cute and great addition to complete an outfit .  Specially since that  day I really didn't want to do much with my hair.   A hat was just the ticket. So CHEERS to hats that can help you when you really rather do your makeup instead of hair... and YUP .... that would be me Makeup First!  hair second

What would you rather do or go without HAIR DONE OR MAKEUP ???  so curious.!!!!  

Blessings have a great rest of your weakend! 



  1. Oooh that fedora is cute! I love the color & you look great in it.

    I'd rather get my hair done lol. I usually just throw my hair up in a bun or pony tail. I'm lazy like that haha.

  2. Does not look bad, If this is a bad hairday, then you made a great solution :)



  3. Some people look bad in hats - ME :O)

    Some people look good - YOU :O)

  4. You look pretty!!
    Take care xoxo

  5. i love and collect hats ;-)

  6. Anytime I don't feel like doing my hair, I wear a hat haha but I have no clue what I would go without, that's a very hard question! Prob can go without my hair done..I would hate to look like a zombie without make up everyday lol

  7. Love the fedora and your look.
    When I go out both the hair and the makeup has to be done.

  8. You look amazing dear! Everything in this look is absolutely perfect! I'm loving your endless eyelashes and gorgeous hair!



  9. it depends the mood but usually i'll go without hair and just put it up if anything!

  10. now that i think about it
    i never worn a fedora hat
    i think my sister has one
    ill take it and rock it haha

    you look gorgeous!

    Melina ♥

  11. I would rather go with my hair not sone than without makeup. I have a huge collection of hats just for those days! But gotta put my face on. hahaha

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    See you there!

  12. I like having both done, depends on my plans for the day which I rather!

    cute fedora btw <3


  13. I'll take a bad hair day anytime doll because I can always rock a fab hat just like you and looking like a million bucks.

    Love your make-up chica! You look stunning.

    <3 Marina

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    Here there .. kisses!

  15. hey babe, write me an email let me know what part of minnesota you live in. i actually am planning to move back there. I know, its so hard to find others bloggers near me too!

  16. you look great with the fedora!

    There are just times that I wouldn't do anything to my hair but they still look quite nice however, I would never go anywhere without makeup.

  17. Beautiful!

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