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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wonder Magic. + New MAC Nailpolish shade ...✩✩✩

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth 
Miracle Serum  A+

This stuff works.... 
I am talking about the Sally Hansen Miracle Serum.  I've always had issues with my nails being a bit weak and  break easily.  I try to be in the lookout to help them some... specially since my nails don't grow super fast either.
A few weeks back I was under so much stress I literally bit all my nails off because I used my teeth as "nail polish remover" and well you get the picture.  
I normally get the Sally Hansen growth nail polish to help them  and basically nurse them back to health.  This time without notice instead of grabbing the nail polish I reached and grabbed their serum, didn't noticed until I was home and about to apply  
I decided to give it a go. After about one week now totally amazed and happy I purchased this  by error.  
My nails really have become stronger and they did started to grow pretty fast.   
needless to say , this will be something I'll be purchasing again  once I am done 
All you need to do is apply a small dot before you apply nail polish and afterwards you can just apply and massage  unto your cuticles  not only is helping you grow beautiful nails BUT is also moisturizing dry cuticles so  double the benefit.

WOOT WOOT for healthy .... nails!!  

PS. of course I am also posting a picture with my new MAC polish and thankful that my nails are back to normal....♥




  1. I hate brittle nails too. So glad this serum worked for you. I need myself a bottle now.

  2. from time to time i also suffered from "brittle nail" desease. i'll check this serum. thanks :)

  3. When I will start having problems with my nails again then I think I will try this serum. Thansk for sharing this!

  4. I need to recommend this to my girlfriends who have difficulties growing their nails too! Thanks for sharing :D

  5. nice thanks for sharing ;-)

  6. Im not into oranges but that one looks cute

  7. I really like this color. It's so tropical!


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  8. I'll def have to check it out, my nails grow slooowww. Loving the new MAC nailpolish.

  9. finally something that works
    two of my nails broke yesterday
    so i definitely have to try this

    thanks love for sharing
    and thanks god you grabbed it
    by error ..otherwise we would
    of never found out haha!

    Melina ♥

  10. My fav nail color... :)

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  11. will definitely have to try coz i have the same issues with my nails. :)

  12. I don't know much about nail polish but I know that orange color is super pretty!

  13. you are an angel!! i was looking for a review on this product since my nails are super weak and i want to take off my acrylic nails!!!

  14. i think everyone has brittle nails it sucks

  15. this blog is just too cute! I'm so following, and thank you so much for following mine xx


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