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Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Nail How To's Tips :)

Essie - Peach Daiquiri .......

 use this to help my nails grow, once they break which does happen :( I use it as a PRIMER base and Top coat!! I figure it helps my nails grow and not stain :) and it gives a nice shine as a top coat 

I carry this in my purse all the time.... is a Vitamin E cuticle oil... it really works wonderful on moisturizing your cuticles and specially healing those nasty hang nails... I have those once in a while and we all know how painful it can be literally as soon as I apply I feel comfort and it does heal it pretty fast,
I'm pretty sure is the Vitamin E

and to groom nails before applying nail polish
1) I always file my nails STRAIGHT across... I do not go over the edges unless it feels too sharp :P
I just love the way it gives that square look once you apply nail polish
2) I try very hard to not mess with my cuticles (that's where the Vitamin E oil comes in handy )
3) I use this buffing file I got at walmart for about $2 dollars it really aids for buffing the nail with any ridges and smooth the over all nail for a flawless application...
(just don't over do it, or your nails will get weak -learned the hard way )

This is my go to for when really my all my nails start to go down hill is a Serum to help them grow fast in says in about 5 days...
I just apply to help them grow.. (if needed when this situation happens ) :)
Have a blessed week ahead.....  



  1. The color is very pretty =)

  2. This colour is so wonderful!
    I love essie! :)

  3. great tips and color!

  4. great post i need to get myself a buffer love the color!

  5. Oh so pretty!!! You always look so stunning doll and now even your nails too.

    <3 Marina

  6. pretty nails


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