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Saturday, November 5, 2011

♥ My MUST have Brushes ♥

If I needed to choose and only keep essentials THESE would be my top pick when it comes to makeup brushes!  
 Which brushes are your MUST have in you kit? 

 This is a PENCIL brush... I love this one to smudge dark or any color eyeshadow to give that sultry-smokey eye look.  Specially on the bottom lash line.  This is also great to help create a sharp and defined crease for a BOLD look . 
Here I show  Sigma E30 and MAC 219

If you must have a brush I say get this one is my go to for blending and getting that airbrushed look... It can really be multi-purpose and get the job done ... I love how easy it softens and creates a flawless transition. 
Sigma E25 - MAC  217

 This one brush I personally love to for  highlight application  on brow bone area, also buff on colors if you have a larger eyelid area and my favorite brush for concelear application airbrush effect !! 
Sigma E40 -  MAC 224

This brush is great for eyeshadow application, it helps a lot with packing on the colors without too much fallout and also you can apply eyeshadow with the very tip on the lower lash line ....  This brush is basically the one that gets any eye look started great for packing on the eyeshadow color ! 
Sigma E55 - MAC 239

 This brush I love for blush and powder  MAC 150

 This brush is extremely soft and is great for conturing your face -  Also  for applying highlight  powder on cheekbone area and even  - Sigma F25

 This is my go to for Powder blush/ bronzer 
Sigma Large Powder F20 

 This is my baby... and I can't be without!  I love this one is a flat top kabuki brush  and  is amazing for applying foundation or cream blush I love how versatile this brush is. 
 Foundation is literally buffed in for flawless finish!  Must have for me :)  

 This is my MUST for eyebrows ... it works great  for lining , shading or shaping the eye or Eyebrow.  Flat shaped with angled tip....  It gets the job done every time.!!

I am sorry I have been M.I.A.  It's been a crazy week for me  as I had mentioned a few weeks back decided to go back to school and certainly takes time away from blogging!  I hope you are all doing great .  I'll try to keep a few post a week.... I love doing makeup looks just trying to get into a routine.. stay tuned. 

Blessings and as always 
Be  Glamorous! 

XOXO Lizbeth  


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  2. Thanks so much for sharing your favourite brushes. I'm still struggling on what to buy and what not to. :) great post!!

  3. i love mac and sigma brushes!! lovely blog! I followed*

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  4. Really interesting reading, I've always used whatever cheap brush I could find but am really tempted to get some decent ones, particularly the eyebrow one, this one looks great x

  5. I usually go for the cheaper "good" brushes like eco tools and elf. But I would love to make an investment with buying some higher end brushes, but that will have to wait.

    Hope all is well, and that school is being kind to you.

  6. great post really helps since i was thinking of buy make up brushes!

  7. Great post!
    I still need brushes so this post came right in time.
    I'm having a give-away on my blog and I hope you will join too;)

  8. Such a lovely post!
    I couldn't live without a pencil brush as it's so multi-tasking!

    lots of love,

  9. Thanks for sharing. I'm always curious about which brushes people recommend I invest in.

  10. great post and these are the most recommended brushes. cant wait to get me some.

  11. Thanks for sharing these! I've been meaning to update my brush collection. Can't wait to get my hands on some of these. ;)

    xx Jessica


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