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Thursday, August 25, 2011

DARE to be Bold !!!


I just received this pallet and other goodies last week that I ordered from Sigma Makeup.  It was really hard to make a decision because they have 3 amazing choices for their new eyeshadow collection: DARE, BARE and FLARE !!!(amazing name right) All equally beautiful- for all of us that LOVE to make and experiment with many different looks..!
The pigmentation- in one word- AMAZING! It's hard to find eyeshadows that don't cost a bundle with great pigmentation that lasts! I love the packaging and the value to get 8 shadows for $35 dollars- this is way cheaper than buying individual MAC eyeshadows... And one great perk with all of their pallets is that  they come with a dual brush .. I can totally appreciate that .. one can't have one to many brushes right ?! This one has Sigma E20 (short shader brush)  and E45 (small tapered blending  : )
I was super excited try this look-It was funny, but I ended up using the palette I was the least excited about DARE , but once I got it, the colors just won me over specially "Shout "  seems a bit intimidating in the package and a little daring-but it's such a nice color!  I hope you DARE to try this look!.. and hope you love it as much as I do !
Definitely 2 thumbs up for this one!

XOXO  Lizzie


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  2. for sure .... Sigma is becoming my go to place for brushes specially since I need to have multiples of one kind for my clients this are great quality and great price.!!

  3. You are very talented lovin ur blog :)


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