Great Brushes= Flawless LOOK!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I used a gold pigment by MAC to get the golden look she wanted.

The soft airbrushed foundation helped her skin stay matte and looking flawless!

I love it  when I have the opportunity to make a BRIDES special day even better!-By helping her enhance her natural beauty- I was able to get this bride all ready-to-go for her big day:) 

She wanted to go for a classy GOLDEN GODDESS look and I had a lot of fun using gold pigment. This foil lasts all day but it's important to layer it with a light layer of golden eyeshadow to avoid creasing.
The main focus were her eyes and the rest was just a soft airbrushed look. On such an important day like a wedding- the last thing a bride should have to worry about- is her makeup! I want to make sure that all of my brides feel as gorgeous and happy on the outside as they do on the inside!

I hope you agree with me  when I say she looked Flawless for her big day! ;)

Stay  Glamorous,


  1. You did a wonderful job with the bride its not too much but still noticeable. Thx for stopping by my blog really means alot new follower now as well. Like all your looks you have posted up here.

  2. Well done, she looks gorgeous!! xo

  3. Very Beautiful! Follow back? ;)

  4. Thanks for following. I'm now your newest subscriber :)

  5. Thanks Girls..... you can't imagen how happy I get to read your comments...!!!
    xoxo LizziE

  6. wow, very beautiful!! I tried following you back, but, your followers widget isn't showing up. Let me know when it's working =)

  7. @ Pink Dandy Chatter...Thanks girl for letting me know...just updated my blog..

    Please try again it should be working now !!! thanks for giving me the heads up .. very much appreciated !!!

    : )

  8. She was a GORGEOUS bride! Great job in making her day fabulous!

  9. Wow, the bride and the makeup are just so beautiful. I love that this is kind of non-traditional as far as wedding makeup goes but it still looks so natural on her, letting her wear the makeup and not the other way around. Amazing job!

  10. wow, the bride looks stunning and you did an amazing job!

  11. The bride looks exquisite. I love your classy makeup on her. She must have turned heads on her big day. ;)
    New follower. Hope you follow back too:

  12. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments about my wedding day makeup! AND again thank you Lizbeth for making me feel like a goddess on my big day ;) You nailed the look I wanted- and I didn't feel like I wasn't myself!:)

  13. Hi Lizzie, i'm from Argentina... Im in love of your make up!!! Really nice blog!! See you around!!


    Di ♥ Girlishhh Things

  14. Wow, she looks stunning! Welldone, you should be very proud of yourself!


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