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Saturday, September 10, 2011

♥♥ Giveaway at 200 ♥♥ NOW FIXED !!!

Hi ladies! I am SUPER happy to have a blog and share my love for makeup, fashion and everything glamorous with all of you! I wanted to give a  BIG THANK YOU  for stopping by my blog, for sharing your thoughts and lovely comments! :)

I'm announcing  that once I hit 200 blog supporters- I will be HAVING A GIVEAWAY - it's something extremely fabulous! As you all are  :)


TO ENTRY  All you need to is:
1)  Follow My Blog 

2)  LIKE my  Facebook Page!  ☺
3)  Once you are in my Facebook page under MY photos  I have a lip picture like the one below 
 Just leave a comment on that picture  that's the confirmation  and YOU are IN !!!! 

Please make sure you are logged in your Facebook and will route you to my page Thanks so much still learning ..!!!!    

(I will be  using RANDOM ORG  for the drawing of the winner !)  



  1. Woah im so excited for this giveaway ;) Done all the steps!! Already followed u ages ago hehe

    ps: cos ure so awesome with an amazing blog, Ive decided to award u with this little blog award, check out the link for more info, congrats! :)


  2. @ Erika- Thank you so much for the award! I am so excited- and love your blog as well :)

    Also- you would need to comment under the Makeup by Lizbeth Facebook page photo (with the red lips and glitter photo) - in order to be officially entered into the giveaway! I wouldn't want you miss out ;)

  3. I've tried clicking on the facebook page but I keep getting redirected to the homepage :| I've tried searching for your page too but it's not coming up.. :(

  4. @Chloe my Facebook page is Makeup by Lizbeth

  5. make sure you are logged in your Facebook page first and then click it should pull up my page thanks girls !

  6. Hey Lizzie, when you can please check my last post. I received an award a few days ago, and now is my turn to delegate the award for my 10 "Part of me" Blogs... That's the name of the prize = D And you are part of those 10. It's in Spanish, but if not understand, tell me that i'll translate it for you.
    Well see you around!!
    Di♥ Girlishhh Things!

  7. love this blog!
    pass to mine and follow :)

  8. I like your blog and you're stunning!
    Follow each other ? xxx

    Fashion and Cookies

    My Twitter

  9. Facebook just doesn't like me, I've tried relogging and trying diff accounts and browsers, and even computers but doesn't seem to work for me :| I'm not sure if others are having the same problem haha

    I'll try again in future though :P

  10. Cool! This sounds fun! :)
    Gonna take part!

  11. I think if you ladies click on the badge for the Facebook link then you will be directed to the homepage- then once you put your login info- it redirects you to Makeup my Lizbeth- which is the page- I tried it that way and it worked- hopefully that helps!

  12. how exciting is this! hope you have fun with the giveaway I can't wait!!

  13. Awesome giveaway!! And congrats whenever you hit 200 followers!! :)


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