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Saturday, September 3, 2011

... Violét Chic ...

Ok so Fall is literally around the corner.. 
Maybe sooner here in  MN! ! Just thought I'd  give my shorts one last go before they're tucked away for 8-9 months...   yup  LONG Winters!!  ; /
I am totally loving  big bulky bags and specially  ones that allow you to multipurpose such as  cross over body  or just as a cute satchel style !  I think they  give any  outfit a nice edge and statement 
For sure will work with a nice fitted winter coat !!
Although I'm not too much into lots of jewelry I do like to wear at least one nice bold piece almost always a watch  Here I have a Oversized Michael Kors watch  think is just the right amount of funk without looking too crazy agreed???
I paired this with my ShoeDazzle -NELLIE Taupe Pumps super comfy  and also bringing along a nice sporty Blazer just in case !!  Got that at Forever 21
Hope you guys have a great day !!!

Forever 21- Purple shirt 
Express - Shorts
Coach Kristen Satchel - Bag 

 ♥ Stay Glamourous....... Lizzy

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  1. Love this look - With purple being my favorite colour this is a winner with me ! Love your watch too XxXx

  2. beautiful!!
    you look like JLO here:)


  3. those colors look so good on you, and your bag is awesome!!!

  4. I actually really love your velvet blazer!!! and u look gorgeous hun! i love ur hair :)
    And i think ure really talented in makeup!!!

    ps thx so much for ur lovely comment on my post, really appreciate it! im following u now :) pls do follow mine too if u havent already, it'll mean so much to me :) thx!


  5. Love this outfit post you look beautiful and chic I love it from head to toes. Although im jelly that fall is closer to you still got a few mos to go here.

  6. love this loo hun.. very glamorous!

  7. These looks are so great, I love the nude pumps and the bag is to die for!


  8. liked your blog and your shorts jaja follow u :)

  9. love those pumps, gorgeous shade! and i love the overall outfit!

  10. GORGEOUS!!! :) & I love this outfit!! you look great!! xoxo

  11. Thanks you so much....girlies I appreciate you taking the time to check my blog and leave me such positive and lovely comments...
    I appreciate it hope you all have a great weekend.!!!

    Stay Glamorous !!!

    Luv ya Lizzie : )

  12. I really love the matching shoes & bag!your style is trés chic not to mention that you're so beautiful! Following you back!;)

  13. Your looks are totally on point! Can't not say one bad thing. I'm totally lovin' this site. Keep doin' whatcha doin'. Can't wait to see more from you, mama! And I hope I see you soon ;)

    Stay FABulous,
    The Other Coco Chanel
    Style~ Spotlighted at

  14. Very Pretty

    Great Blog!!!

    "Follow mw and I follow back!"

  15. ahh you have such incredible hair! Could you follow my blog? xx

  16. You look really pretty ^__^
    love your big, volume hair!
    Yeah, prepairing myself with fall/winter as well! Love oversized bags aswell :)


  17. You look beautiful in these pics! And I love those bags too... and Shoedazzle shoes!! Love your blog, I am your newest follower!
    XO Danielle

  18. Hope you all are having a great weekend!!

    xoxo Lizzie !

  19. On the face you kinda look like Jenifer Lopez! your so pretty :] and this is such a cute outfit
    I love your blog!
    we should follow eachother :]

  20. Hi lovely,
    I totally love your purple shirt!So cuteeee!!
    I just found your blog and I really like it!I added to your followers.Follow back,dear?:)

  21. Your outfits are cute but what I'm loving the most is your HAIR! Absolutely gorgeous <3 ... *jealous*

  22. thanks for the comment
    im following back(:
    love your outfit posts!
    & nice makeup skills hun

    <3 BB

  23. great outfit!!!
    you look great.


  24. Wow, you're soooooo pretty !!!

    Following you from now on - I hope you'll visit my blog and follow if you want :)

    Kisses from Germany !!!

  25. Love your photos, you look stunning! I'm crushing after your MK watch, gorgeous!
    Btw, I'm having a small giveaway, I'd appreciate if you could join! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
    Don't miss: Three H&M Leather Bands Giveaway!!

  26. lovely outfit :) your shoes are amazing!

  27. very pretty! love the satchel!

    xo Ashleigh

  28. Love your outfit, also love shoedazzle cute shoes.


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