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Monday, December 12, 2011

ROCKN' -"BUXOM" LASHES!! by: Bare Escentuals

I purchased this mascara a month or so back and have been wanting to do a review!
I am a total mascara junkie, if I hear about it and sounds promising chances are I will give it a go.
After many disappointing purchases I'm so happy to report what an amazing product this turned out to be.
I'm so glad I ventured out and tried it.
Its called BUXOM by Bare Escentuals  in color : Loud Black.
It is not water proof but, haven't had an issue with that it doesn't smudge or crumble !
I have stick straight lashes. and have to be so careful with  mascaras that tend  to be to watery or too dry. This has a pretty nice consistency  !
It's  great at giving me length and definition and best of all it doesn't undo my curl it keeps my lashes looking perky !  even with one coat this mascara immediately gives you an immediate wide awake look... !!   who doesn't want that right?

It last a long time and creates a bold dramatic look for sure.
I also love that you can adjust the length and volume for  a subtle or more bold look !
The price isn't as cheap but if you are into trying new mascaras and what not you might want to give this a world.   $22  dollars for this baby !

Have an awesome MONDAY! 
Lizbeth - Glamstyln'

Plain jane ! LOL 

 One coat, no eyeliner

 Two coats !  no eyeliner 

2 coat with eyeliner ! 

I apologize the picture quality on the pictures theywere taken with my phone and last one was taken with my MAC book so quality is not the best !   


  1. I envy your lashes! They're so long and pretty, I just wished my bottom lashes aren't so stubby lol :P

    as for the mascara, it sounds promising and I'll def add it to my list!

  2. You have the prettiest lashes!! The mascara sounds like a great one:)

  3. pretty lashes!!! i think the mascara really helped a lot!!! nice!!!

  4. buxom has really good stuff!i own another of their mascara and love it! i'm going to have to try this one but my lashes dont compare to urs lol...hope it has the same effect!

  5. Wow the before and after picture really show the difference. This stuff sounds great! Great review. :)

    xx Jessica

  6. Amazing, it's great!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

  7. Yay! I'm a mascara junkie too! I tried & fell in love with the original Buxom it's great to know that the Amplified is a great one too! Thank you!!

  8. wow! I have to try this. Your lashes look amazing with this mascara.

  9. love your eyelashes girly ;)

  10. Yup. I need this! Lol, thanks for the review - totally sold me!

  11. You have beautiful long lashes which any mascara would beautifully emphasize :)

    Make-up Overdose

  12. i am so jealous of your eyelashes! WOW They are just ... BAM... GORGEOUS

  13. OMG, I need to get a pair of this.. I've been on a mascara search for such a long time and this one is def. one that I would love to try.. You have beautiful lashes =)

  14. Wow! Love how much volume this mascara gives! I have very thin, but very long lashes. Do you think this mascara could also give me an effect like this?




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