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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

☆ Start Bright - NYX Pearl Pigment : SPACE ☆

Quick 3 min eye makeup....!!! ... This is such a  pretty/bold blue color.    I bought a few Pearl Pigments when Ulta had a 2 for $3  sale! 
 I've had them for a while now.   I did  questioned how  they were going to work!   
Total amazement when I used them ...  what do you guys  think ? 

HOW TO :  
1) Soft brown on the crease  
2) Apply pigment with slightly wet brush so pigment really show cases it's true beauty  :)   apply on lid area and on bottom lash line too 
3) Use Black matte shadow to darken the outer crease area ....  
Some Mascara and Eyeliner and YOU are DONE !  :)

I'm so happy I got them!
I really enjoy using pigments I think they're  great addition to any makeup kit and or makeup collection  :)

My apologies on the picture quality this was taken with my smart phone....
As always I appreciate all your comments.... ! 

" Happy Holidays "

Lizbeth - Glamstyln' 


  1. So bright and intense! I love it! :)

    Best Holiday Wishes from

  2. beautiful look! I wish i would have given these nyx pearls a fighting chance. i had the collection less than a week and then sold it LOL smh I have learned my lesson.

  3. Definitely love this look and the bold color. It's something about "blue" that does it for me lol, suck a pretty color.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. This look is very very beautiful!

  5. that was an awesome deal and you look beautiful!

  6. My gosh... I love that color blue! Very pretty.

  7. i love these, you did this beautifully

  8. looks great love the blue and how pigmented it is!

  9. I wish my make up would look like that. This look so beautiful. perfect for the HOLIDAYS!


  10. Love this look.. the color is so pretty!

  11. The blue looks awesome on u girl!

  12. Gosh sucha pretty makeup!
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  13. Oooooo! Galactically gorgeous! I'd love to see that shadow foiled with mixing medium :D

  14. So bright I love it:)


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